<% set rs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") %>
<%call wdim2()%>
<% 'set rs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") sql="select * from dzleibie where leibie=3 and jibie=1" rs.open sql,conn,0,2 if not rs.eof or rs.bof then i=0 do while not rs.eof i=i+1 ztjs1=" " name=rs("lbname") ztjs1=replace(rs("jieshao"),vbcrlf,"
") slb=rs("subleibie") strname=""& name &"" %> <% rs.movenext loop end if rs.close %>
<%=strname%>     <%=ztjs1 %>
  <% set rszt1=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") sql="select * from dzleibie where leibie=3 and jibie=2 and subleibie="& slb rszt1.open sql,conn,0,2 if not rszt1.eof or rszt1.bof then do while not rszt1.eof ztjs2=" " name=rszt1("lbname") ztjs2=replace(rszt1("jieshao"),vbcrlf,"
    ") 'strname=""& name &"" strname=name %> <% rszt1.movenext loop else%> <%end if %>
☆ <%=strname%>     <%=ztjs2 %>
<% set rszs=server.createobject("adodb.recordset") sqlzs="select top 2 name,id,shijian,nrpic from dzzhuanti where lbname like '%"& name &"%' order by shijian desc" rszs.open sqlzs,conn,0,2 strzs=" " datenow=now if not rszs.eof or rszs.bof then do while not rszs.eof zsname=rszs("name") id=rszs("id") zssj=rszs("shijian") zssj=FormatDateTime(zssj,2) havepic=rszs("nrpic") dayinterval=datediff("d",zssj,datenow) if dayinterval>5 then newstr="" else newstr="new" end if pstr="" if ( havepic<>null or havepic<>"") then pstr="" strzs=" "& zsname &" "& pstr &"("&zssj&") "& newstr &"" %> <% rszs.movenext loop else %> <% end if rszs.close %>

<% rs.close sql="select id,dzztname,dzzjyear from dzzj order by shijian desc" rs.open sql,conn,0,2 if rs.eof and rs.bof then else do while not rs.eof id=rs("id") zjname=rs("dzztname") strzj="-- "& zjname &"" zjyear=rs("dzzjyear") if zjyear<>year0 then %> <%end if%> <% year0=zjyear rs.movenext loop end if rs.close %>
<% rs.close sql="select top 10 id,name,yd from dzzhuanti order by yd desc" rs.open sql,conn,0,2 if rs.eof and rs.bof then else do while not rs.eof name=rs("name") if len(name)>10 then name=left(name,10)&".." tid=rs("id") yd=rs("yd") strt="·" strt=strt+name & "("&yd&")" %> <% rs.movenext loop end if %>
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